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Is a seawall right for you?

You can trust J & E Marine Contractors Inc. We have over 35 years of experience in the Marine construction industry and the right tools to quickly and professionally construct an amazing and visually pleasing seawall on your property.

Seawalls protect property from damage that could arise from proximity to a large body of water. There are many things to consider when deciding on a seawall. Like all forms of coastal management, seawalls have their advantages and disadvantages. Give us a call today to

discuss your options and see if a seawall is right for your property.

Types of seawalls

There are three fundamental designs of

seawalls that J & E Marine Contractors Inc can build for you.


Vertical - Vertical seawalls offer protection against waves, but can be less effective than other designs in dissipating wave energy.


Curved - Curved seawalls allow waves to break, an advantage over vertical seawalls. Their design is often more complicated

than vertical seawalls.


Mound - Mound seawalls offer a more natural look and a less expensive design, but are not as durable as the other designs.

Protection for your property

Weather can be unpredictable, and often disastrous. Intense storms can lead to dangerous erosion and in-land flooding.


Constructing a sea wall on your property

is a way to protect your investment from erosion, storm damage, and in-land flooding.


Properly constructed by J & E Marine Contractors Inc, your seawall will be an amazing addition to your property and will increase the property's value.

J & E Marine Contractors Inc

offers a 5 year labor warranty

on all products!

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