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Yelp J & E Marine Contractors Inc | Docks - Punta Gorda, FL

Long lasting beauty and functionality for your property

Is your waterfront property missing something? Are you paying too much for docking fees at the local marina? Do you and your family want easier access to your boat? Now is a great time to consider building a dock on your property. J & E Marine Contractors Inc has over 25 years of experience constructing and installing docks.

We build and install docks made of both high quality wood and concrete. We use these materials because, with experience, we know that they will stand the test of time. You'll love the beauty that our docks will add to your property.  

Types of docks available

J & E Marine Contractors Inc can install up to three different types of docks.

Don't know which kind is right for you? Call today to discuss your options with

our trained professional staff!

Helpful tip: Docks are an easy way to improve your quality of life and the value of your property at the same time!

  • Floating Docks - These types of docks have no solid supports on the bottom and float on the water. It is great for places where water levels change frequently.

  • Wheel-In Docks - A wheeled dock that is transportable. It is also perfect for shorter docks or those who may consider moving or selling their property.

  • Standing Docks - What most people think of when they think of a dock; a platform suspended above water by supports.

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