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Your investment for your enjoyment

Looking for a simple, effective way to raise your yacht, sailboat, jet ski or other small watercraft above water level? J & E Marine Contractors Inc can install your very own boat lift quickly, easily, and professionally.

Boat lifts are designed to easily get a craft in and out of the water for maintenance, repair, inspection, or storage. Boat lifts make almost every aspect of owning and maintaining a boat easier. You may not be getting the full possible enjoyment out of your boat without one. Call today for more information!

Unrivalled quality with Boat Lift U.S.

J & E Marine Contractors Inc exclusively installs boat lifts manufactured by

Boat Lift U.S.


Boat Lift U.S. has a wide range of options

for any and all types of watercraft and

any budget.


Check out their website for more information!

Experience you can trust

A boat lift is a serious quality of life investment. You can trust in the

25 years of experience that

J & E Marine Contractors Inc has.

We're boat lift experts.


You can trust that we've chosen to

work with Boat Lift U.S. because of

their strength and durability.

Their no-weld boat lifts eliminate any potential weak points, so your boatlift

is structurally strong.

All Boat Lift U.S. boat lifts come

with an unbeatable 10 year manufacturers' warranty.

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